North Wales Bolt Fund

Helping volunteers make climbing safer
For you and future climbers

All donations contribute to providing the best materials and equipment to local volunteer activists who make a massive effort to establish sustainable fixed protection, lower-offs and belays, as well as maintaining other access requirements in North Wales. The NWBF also supports volunteers in other areas in Wales and beyond.  The materials and equipment costs are high but if it's worth doing, let's do it right.

How to Donate

Donation by bank transfer payments is preferred because the NWBF gets all of your donation. PayPal is great but they do take a fee reducing your donation. Use Paypal if this is the best or only option for you. Many thanks.

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You can also donate via PayPal - North Wales Bolt Fund

A big thanks from the NWBF for your support.
Spread the word and rid the world of bad bolts.
Sustainable Bolting provides safer clipping for today, tomorrow and future generations.

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The NWBF collects donations and sources sustainable fixed equipment, tools and consumables which are made available to all who want to help replace old fixed gear and establish new routes.

The North Wales Bolting Facebook page has info on what’s going on and is the place to find and post info on all issues relating to bolted routes, problems, suggestions and any other information on the North Wales scene.

If you have any ideas, plans or dreams go on Facebook or Contact Us

Upper Pen Trwyn Inspections

Local volunteers also play a role in the organising of training for installing and inspecting of bolts. Any equipment required is funded by the bolt fund. Inspections are needed to assist the BMC and Conwy Council to meet the requirements of the public safety risk assessment that allows everyone to enjoy the Great Orme Marine Drive. Without these inspections, the access for climbers and the general public would be restricted, if not stopped altogether. The volunteers who undertake these inspections are crucial and all climbers should be grateful for their massive efforts. The North Wales Bolting Facebook is the place to find out about these inspections, the training and how to get involved.

Check out the North Wales Bolting Facebook page. It’s the place to post any updates you have.
The North Wales Bolt Fund (NWBF) started in 1992 as North Wales Slate with all the profit from the 1992 not-for-profit Slate: A Climbers Guide. This money kick started the fund and the significant promotion of sustainable bolting. Many slate routes got much needed upgrades. The funding continued following the publication of the not-for-profit Climbers Guide to Llanberis Slate Quarries in 1998. In 2007, the name changed to the North Wales Bolt Fund to reflect the wider range of areas where bolting is taking place. The bolts used on the limestone sea cliffs in North Wales were rapidly becoming dangerous due to the impact of being in a marine environment.

The fund has supported upgrading the bolts in many areas, not just in the Llanberis quarries and on the Ormes, but also at Dinbren, Llanymynech, Llŷn Peninsula, Mid Wales and other areas in Wales, and even some beyond the Welsh borders.