All donations contribute to providing the best materials and equipment to local volunteer activists who make a massive effort to establish sustainable fixed protection, lower-offs and belays, as well as maintaining other access requirements in North Wales. The NWBF also supports volunteers in other areas in Wales and beyond.  The materials and equipment costs are high but if it's worth doing, let's do it right.

How to Donate

Donation by bank transfer payments is preferred because the NWBF gets all of your donation. PayPal is great but they do take a fee reducing your donation. Use Paypal if this is the best or only option for you. Many thanks.

Bank Account Name: North Wales Bolt Fund
Account Number 08665414
Sort Code: 08-71-99
Bank: CashPlus Bank (business account)

You can also donate via PayPal - North Wales Bolt Fund

A big thanks from the NWBF for your support.
Spread the word and rid the world of bad bolts.
Sustainable Bolting provides safer clipping for today, tomorrow and future generations.

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